Nadia has done a tremendous job in teaching our son the essential strategies for the ACT test. It is unbelievable to have such a talented person so close to home who relates so well to our child and who has taught him so much in a short amount of time. He looked forward to his sessions with Nadia even when they took place in the evening on a Sunday night! HIs individual and overall scores have soared and his confidence is high. The strategies Nadia taught him also improved his study habits for his high school classes. He freely admits that Nadia has made a difference in his academic success. We plan to introduce our daughter to Nadia for her preparation for the ACT.

Tony and Sue Arneson

I was a student of Nadia’s starting in 1999 and the only reason I stopped going was the fact that she moved out of state. I would have likely continued seeing her through college had she not left. Her passion for teaching and for her students is unmatched! Her enthusiasm and humor is infectious and I never became bored or discouraged while improving my skills in math and the science. I now hold a degree in Biology due in large part to what I learned from Nadia and the enjoyment she conveyed to me about the field. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor and will be forever grateful to Nadia for all she did for me as a tutor and friend.

I would HIGHLY recommend Nadia to anyone in search of a compassionate tutor who is very invested in her students’ success.”

Nick Bade

Regional Sales Manager at Bosch Packaging Technology

The summer before my senior year of my undergraduate career, I was filling out the application for the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) to get into a Master of Physician Assistant Graduate Program. After entering information about myself including the classes I took, the grades I received, and my work and volunteering experiences, I arrived at a portion called the “Personal Statement.” I had never written a Personal Statement essay before and I did not know what to write about, or what the admission boards from the schools that I was going to apply to wanted to hear from me.

I went to Nadia for suggestions because I knew she had experience in applying to graduate school and also sitting on graduate school admission boards. Nadia explained the process of applying to graduate school to me and walked me through the importance of my Personal Statement. Throughout the process of writing my statement Nadia would critique my main ideas and offered different writing methods to highlight characteristic of myself. At the end of the day, I applied to Physician Assistant Graduate Programs at UW-Madison and Carroll University and was accepted to both! I am now in my second semester at PA School at UW-Madison, and I would not have been able to make it here without Nadia’s guidance for my Personal Statement.

Colton Pugh

Thank you, Nadia! In you, my son finally found a tutor that he trusted (for pre-calc). I appreciate that you took time to understand his learning style and you figured out how to teach him in a way that made him return to your studio again and again. He went into his final exam with an ‘F’ in the class and earned an 85% on the final. You made a huge difference. Thank you!

Andrea Nilsen

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    K S
    K S
    20:37 14 Feb 18
    Our ACT tutoring experience with e2studio has been wonderful! We saw changes not just in our son's ACT score, though that was exceptional, but also his critical thinking and reading abilities. These are valuable skills that will last him a lifetime. The tutors have a unique ability to connect with highschoolers that motivates the kids to want to work hard for their sessions. We also appreciated their willingness to be flexible with scheduling, working our son's sessions in when it made sense for him. We have recommended them to friends personally and will continue to do so. It was a great experience!
    Sarah Roy
    Sarah Roy
    20:04 28 Jan 18
    We couldn’t be more pleased with our girls’ experience at e2studio! The tutors have taken the time to really get to know our children and have been a wonderful, positive influence on them – both academically and personally. Both our girls’ ACT scores improved significantly and we started prep work early enough that we still have time for another test attempt to boost them even further. We feel lucky to have found them!
    Lynee Mueller
    Lynee Mueller
    21:05 23 Jan 18
    The tutors at e2studio have really gone above and beyond! They are so positive, accommodating and creative – working together with my child to best fit his learning style and needs. He actually looks forward to going! As a parent, I love the autonomy the studio instills in their students. They encourage active participation in learning and I have seen tremendous growth in my son because of it. Thank you!
    Virginia Quirk
    Virginia Quirk
    22:21 05 Feb 18
    Nadia and her talented staff are simply amazing. Our daughter had a very average 8th grade math experience and was not feeling confident about heading into high school algebra. Nadia worked with Maya to thoroughly assess and fill in her "gaps" and strengthen her math ability overall this past spring and summer. Math is now one of her strongest classes and Maya is on the high honor role and was named freshman student of the month for December at Edgewood High School. We are committed to continuing to work with e2studio for extra assistance in any subjects when needed or for mid-term and final exam prep. Additionally we are very excited about Maya's participation this summer with Nadia's cutting edge early ACT Prep strategy and workshops. We feel so fortunate to have e2studio as part of our daughter's overall high school success plan and she truly enjoys her time spent at the studio!
    Olivia Finn
    Olivia Finn
    00:38 14 Mar 18
    The physics workshops led by Rose are engaging and super helpful. I have a great grade in the class thanks to her!
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