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The prACTice Prep Program:

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Are you seeking guidance in your ACT prep?

Do you feel anxious about taking the ACT?

The prACTice Prep Program is designed to help you feel more comfortable and prepared for your upcoming ACT!

The prACTice Prep Program is a comprehensive ACT preparation course comprised of a full diagnostic exam,  small group workshops, private sessions and practice testing.

ACT Diagnostic Exam:  The course begins with a full diagnostic exam to evaluate each student’s strengths and focus areas.  We will work with you following this exam to determine the best option for your individual preparation needs.  This exam is available to all students wanting to practice the ACT experience, regardless of whether you decide to move forward with further preparation activities.  To register for this exam, register via the “Schedule Now” link above or Contact Us

Small Group ACT Prep Workshops:  We realize your time is precious and sometimes hard to come by.  To maximize that time, we offer small group workshops.  The sessions cover fundamentals of the ACT core subject areas: Math, English, Reading, Science and Writing.   Each workshop session will involve learning basic strategies to identify and solve questions and problems commonly found on the ACT.   This approach not only decreases the time spent in private sessions, but also allows students to gain insight from other’s experiences/questions.

ACT Prep Private Sessions:  The private sessions focus on honing each student’s skills within the subject areas.  These sessions cover deeper content and strategy components as necessitated by the student.

Practice Testing:  The ACT is a rigorous test, lasting 4 hours.  The level of concentration necessary to perform at peak capacity for all 5 sections requires practice to build stamina.  We offer partial testing weekly to slowly build this stamina.  This testing also provides us with constant evaluation and feedback on areas to focus on in private sessions, allowing us to be very nimble with the needs of each student.  We also offer a second full test towards the end of the course to best prepare them for the demand of test day.

We are also happy to with your student individually (outside of the program structure) as schedules allow.

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