About e2studio Tutoring

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e²studio is a tutoring center that blends education with the arts & sciences to create a fun and impactful learning experience.

Our approach:

  • Tutoring basis on customized informal learning (both individual and group).
  • Emphasis on the learning process rather than the grade (as the grade will come).
  • Focus on rekindling the curiosity and joy of learning!

Our goal is to complement, expose, or enhance your child’s current understanding, interest, and knowledge base… taking them to the next level.

We are dedicated to each and every learner and achieve success through unconventional and unorthodox, but highly effective approaches.  Our instructors have years of experience in both formal education and informal tutoring and share a passion for learning that can only be described as infectious.

The philosophy is simple, treat every student as an individual and mindfully engage him/her in one of the greatest joys…learning!

For further information on rates and tutoring services or to schedule a free consultation meeting:  Contact Us

725 Heartland Trl Suite 104, Madison, WI, 53717


[email protected]

Find us on Madison’s west side, off Old Sauk Rd near Junction Rd!

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