Workshops: Math and Writing


Math Bootcamp Workshops

Overview of the Math Bootcamp Workshops:

The first session is designed as both a confidence builder and skills remediation (algebra preview with the forgotten pre-algebra skills review).  Students will realize that they are not alone!  The first hour of each session of the workshop be review with students split up into groups depending upon their math proficiency.  The second hour will be dedicated to either more review (pre-algebra and algebra) OR review plus geometry introduction OR advanced algebra and trigonometry concepts.  Each group will have a dedicated tutor. In addition, another tutor will be moving from group to group offering individual attention, as needed.

The Math Workshops are geared toward both middle school and high school students.


Writing for Acceptance Workshop

Do you seek the best for your high school scholar? Do you wish for your child to have the best opportunities for a college education? Did you know that the best way for your budding high school graduate to gain admission to his dream college is through the written word?

“As a former professor and education connoisseur, I have been on both sides of the table–as the applicant and as an admission committee member. Not only can I help your child craft admission or scholarship essays, my training provides them with lifetime writing skills that will aid them in both personal and professional endeavors. In a matter of a few sessions, your scholar will gain the empowerment and the joy that comes with writing…writing for acceptance.”

– Nadia Dominguez  (Owner and Educator)

Writing Samples

Before Writing For Acceptance

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